Our Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AURA’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI) is geared towards increasing the speed and efficiency of human-in-the-loop intelligence, not replacing human intelligence. Our work centers on multiple aspects of AI, including deep learning based on existing data sets, assisted decision making, and linking multiple AIs together to optimize answers to human questions. “Deep learning” allows for potentially non-intuitive results to come from large data sets to allow users o make longer term, strategic decisions, such as when to conduct preventive maintenance on aircraft landing gear.  “Assisted decision making” allows for real-time data processing and input to a human user during an operation. Finally, allowing access to disparate data and AI systems for a single user allows their query to be answered faster and with higher accuracy. AURA is bringing all of these elements and more to the US Government.


SmartThread™  and AURA’s AM Environments Initiative

AURA is creating SmartThread™, the digital back-end of advanced manufacturing, often referred to as the “Digital Thread”, that will allow AURA to become the Amazon.com of highly-engineered, technical data packages for new AM methods as well as traditionally-made parts.  We are focused on the part creation continuum from design, to build, to inspection and acceptance, and to maintenance and sustainment.  A key motivator of our work is to reduce the logistics burden on the US DoD. Reducing the need to transport parts and supplies saves the DoD (and taxpayers) money by reducing fuel usage, storage needs, waste, and transport requirements while simultaneously allowing for our US Forces to be more adaptable than ever before. We strive to allow parts and components to be made on-site–anywhere the DoD desires–and to develop the technical, legal, and financial processes required to make that vision a reality.


Intelligent Power Solutions

AURA is creating new, intelligent technology for tactical power needs, as well as for DoD bases, that will allow commanders to have stable, intelligent power control and insight into all base assets. We are creating a platform that allows the microgrid to become far more than the supply of reliable, stable power. We are focused on creating truly revolutionary capabilities within a traditional, electric grid that will increase the force readiness and operational security (OPSEC) not possible before.



AURA is offering AssuranceAI™, a predictive maintenance solution that is designed to decrease overall maintenance costs and reduce the need, for spare parts.  Using advanced AI algorithms to diagnose and prognose equipment failures, AssuranceAI™ increases safety, readiness, and availability.  Similar products in the market merely identify anomalous equipment behavior, resulting in numerous false alarms, that maintenance personnel must waste hours tracking down.  In contrast, AssuranceAI™ uses a supervised machine learning approach to not only predict imminent failures but also identify the root cause and recommend an appropriate mitigation strategy.

AssuranceAI™ is an end-to-end AI product that ingests sensor data, automates the data cleaning process, diagnoses/prognoses future equipment failures, and recommends maintenance actions, before an unplanned failure occurs.  The solution supports numerous equipment types across a variety, of applications, including industrial plants, power plants, naval vessels, ground vehicles, and aircraft.  For more information about how AssuranceAI™ can save you time and money, please contact us today.