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Artifical Intelligence Solutions

Artifical Intelligence Solutions

Our AI Work Centers Around Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, And Data-Augmented Decision Making.

Our AI work centers around predictive analytics, deep learning, and data-augmented decision making. Training our algorithms with large historical data sets allow AURA’s AI solutions to support both long-term strategic decisions and urgent tactical responses while offering clients the best possible user experience.

The innovative AI algorithms being built by AURA will allow crucial decisions to be guided by data. Our focus on AI is geared towards increasing the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of human-in-the-loop intelligence, not replacing human intelligence.

OrbitOutlookOptimizer™ (O3)

As the number of satellites in orbit increases due to the commercialization of space technology, tracking of space debris must ensure that avoidable collisions do not occur. Non-traditional data sources, such as sensor observations from academia or industry, have not yet been properly utilized due to the difficulty of integrating them within traditional astrophysical calculations.

AURA is developing deep-learning algorithms to not only unify disparate data types but also grade the uncertainty and usefulness of the non-traditional information, giving our clients the full picture.


AssuranceAI™ is a predictive maintenance solution that is designed to decrease overall maintenance costs and reduce the need for spare parts and uninformed inventory purchases and management. Using advanced AI algorithms to diagnose and prognose equipment failures, AssuranceAI™ increases safety, readiness, and availability.

An end-to-end AI product, AssuranceAI™ ingests sensor data, automates the data cleaning process, diagnoses/prognoses future equipment failures, and recommends maintenance actions before an unplanned failure occurs. The solution supports numerous equipment types across a variety of applications, including industrial plants, power plants, naval vessels, ground vehicles, and aircraft.


AURA has designed an intelligent device called GroundFaultInsightTM that non-intrusively detects and locates electrical ground faults, in real time, for pulsed power subsystems and other types of electrical systems and devices. As a part of this product, AURA has developed an innovative approach to detect electrical faults using highly sampled electrical data, innovative electrical modeling, and machine learning (ML) / artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that differentiate real faults from false-positive measurements using an advanced diagnostic/prognostic approach.

GroundFaultInsight is applicable to a wide variety of electrical systems and devices. Please contact us for more information about its applicability to your specific use case.