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Intelligent Power Solutions

Intelligent Power Solutions

Creating A Smart Power Grid Technology Of The Future

American households face approximately $150 billion in power outage-related expenses each year. For businesses and military branches, this number skyrockets from there. AURA is creating the smart power grid technology of the future which will dramatically reduce power outages while increasing the reliability of microgrids in any environment.


The development of a power system that can detect equipment degradation and subtle power anomalies over time has far reaching implications on the prevention of equipment failure, power blackouts, and even cyber security attacks. AURA’s Intelligent Power Distribution Units (IPDU) react to common signs of power grid failure such as Voltage Droop/Swell, ​Frequency Droop/Swell, Over-Current Conditions, Power Distortions, and out-of-range Power Factor by shutting down non-essential loads and bringing the system back into safe and stable condition. The IPDUs also provide total management of the power system, delivering a constant and in-depth health check of every piece of equipment on the grid.