AURA is offering AssuranceAI™, a predictive maintenance solution that is designed to decrease overall maintenance costs and reduce the need for spare parts.  Using advanced AI algorithms to diagnose and prognose equipment failures, AssuranceAI™ increases safety, readiness, and availability.  Similar products in the market merely identify anomalous equipment behavior, resulting in numerous false alarms, that maintenance personnel must waste hours tracking down.  In contrast, AssuranceAI™ uses a supervised machine learning approach to not only predict imminent failures but also identify the root cause and recommend an appropriate mitigation strategy. 

AssuranceAI™ is an end-to-end AI product that ingests sensor data, automates the data cleaning process, diagnoses/prognoses future equipment failures, and recommends maintenance actions, before an unplanned failure occurs.  The solution supports numerous equipment types across a variety, of applications, including industrial plants, power plants, naval vessels, ground vehicles, and aircraft. 

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