Intelligent Power Solutions

American households face approximately $150 billion in power outage-related expenses each year. For businesses and military branches, this number skyrockets even higher. AURA is creating the smart grid technology of the future that will dramatically reduce the number of power outages while increasing the reliability of microgrids in any environment.

Forward operating bases, mobile forces, and weapons systems that support the warfighter are putting an ever-increasing strain and demand on power systems. In a tactical environment the warfighter needs every vital system (e.g., computers, medical tents, lights, security systems, communications, weapon systems, etc.) up and running with no interruptions. A simple power failure can lead to loss of life and/or vital warfighter equipment. AURA has taken the first step toward game-changing total management of the microgrid by providing a distributed control software that provides power monitoring, prevents imminent generator failure, and dramatically improves the reliability and resiliency of the US Army microgrid.

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AURA’s Intelligent Power Distribution Units  (IPDU) react to common signs of power grid failure such as Voltage Droop/Swell, ​Frequency Droop/Swell, Over-Current Conditions, Power Distortions, and out-of-range Power Factor by shutting down non-essential loads and bringing the system back into safe and stable condition. The IPDUs also provide total management of the power system. The term ‘total management’ refers to a constant and in-depth health check of every piece of equipment on the grid. The development of a power system that can detect equipment degradation and subtle power anomalies over time has far reaching implications on the prevention of equipment failure, power blackouts, and even cyber security attacks.

Focus Areas Include:

    • Power automation and intelligent microgrid management
    • Deep learning techniques for advanced prognostics and power system analysis
    • Superior visibility of the power system. User readable Logs of all major events on the system including changes in loads, power quality, in-rush spikes, power factor, and so on.
    • Universal Microgrid Communications to inverters, generators, and smart loads
    • Cyber Security
    • Advanced High Frequency Sensing Technology that reads harmonic content for load disaggregation and AI applications

Artificial Intelligence for Power Management

The implementation of true artificial intelligence requires hardware, processing power, and data storage that dwarf that of a commonplace automated control system. AURA brings the capability for cutting-edge features including condition-based maintenance, failure prognostics, automatic load identification, power trending analysis, power anomaly detection, and system security.

AURA’s AI Power Goals and Payoffs: 

    • The development of AI power distribution units dramatically increases the reliability of deployed power systems in tactical situations. It prevents system brownout during times of intense system use or rapid power change on the system. 
    • By incorporating AI into microgrid intelligence, each unit can be constantly improved and fine-tuned by learning the characteristics of each system and providing custom responses. 
    • The developed communications will allow all management units to speak to each other and other devices on the system like inverters, generators, and future smart loads. This technology sets the foundation for a system in which power sources, distribution units, and loads will function in a coordinated way to ensure a well-balanced and reliable system. 
    • Other solutions in this space will tend to be over-engineered, adding excessive amounts of custom hardware and complexity. AURA has provided a solution that is appropriate, efficient, low-cost, and relies on innovative software instead of an over-abundance of control hardware.  

Power Management for Aircraft

PowerIntelligence-Air™ is an Intelligent Power Management System custom-made for the Osprey V-22 aircraft. The AURA team is currently developing this intelligent load management system to be embedded directly into the power distribution system of the Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft. The system preserves high-priority loads and actively protects the onboard generators to prevent failure. This technology has the potential to revolutionize how aircraft power system operate.

System Features also include:

    • Automated and Continuous System Optimization​
    • Automated Load Management (Prioritized Load Shedding)​
    • Failure Prognostics and Prevention​
    • Providing more favorable failure modes that allow the craft to remain more functional when engine failure does occur.
    • Improvements in fault recognition and isolation, power bus monitoring, flight crew alerts, and power system reliability across a variety of real-world scenarios.

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