COVID Response

AURA is responding to the “call to action” to help the rapidly evolving world health crisis occurring with the COVID-19 pandemic. Using our in-house experts*, we rapidly developed a system to decontaminate N-95 masks using UV-C light, resulting in our unique system, Puri-Vi™. This system we have developed and have already begun manufacturing and testing offers a unique capability to hospitals and doctor’s offices facing shortages of N-95 masks.  

AURA’s system, Puri-Vi™, is the only known system that has the ability to decontaminate N-95 masks rapidly (10-minute cycle times) at point-of-use and the system itself is significantly more affordable than other FDA-approved decontamination options on the market. Puri-Vi™ is a counter-top unit that can decontaminate up to six (6) N-95 masks at once within 10 minutes. These units can be stacked; a standard configuration of two units has the ability to decontaminate over 1,700 N-95 masks daily. Other than UV-C light bulbs, Puri-Vi™ has no consumables, is easy to operate and could be readily available and affordable to even the most rural locations. 

Contact AURA at (919) 615-4305 for more information.

* Of note, one of our expert staff is renowned epidemiologist, Stephen O. Cunnion MD, PhD, MPH., former Director of Preventative Medicine and Occupational Health for the USN and USMC and was recipient of the prestigious ProMED reporting award for his work alerting the world about SARS.