Across the DoD and within third party providers, Technical Data Packages (TDPs) are managed in a diversity of formats across dozens or hundreds of independent data repositories. SmartThread™ is the mediator between these many independent repositories. Unlike other competing products, SmartThread™ does not need proprietary TDPs to be stored in a single, central repository. Furthermore, SmartThread™ does not require TDPs to be in any particular format. When integrating a new repository, SmartThread™ automatically extracts the information it needs for transactions and intelligent searching. 

SmartThread™ implements intelligent searching capabilities that allow users to search using a combination of parameters and the geometric similarity of parts.

  • Parameter-based searches narrow down candidate parts based on metadata such as part type, manufacturer, or material.
  • Geometric features can be used to further refine searches. For example, the user can identify a similar part in the database or provide an existing 3D model that is similar to the part they wish to find.

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