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Douglas Bennett

Douglas Bennett

Douglas Bennett focuses on the technology development, financial and legal aspects of AURA. He also leads AURA’s defense technology. Mr. Bennett started his career being assigned to the advanced R&D division of the NRO. He has also served as a Study Director for the National Academy of Science’s Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board. In that role, he crafted public policy for the U.S. federal and state governments that shaped the United States future technology development. Douglas has served as a consultant to NASA, the US Navy’s Space and Naval Information Systems Center, the US Air Force Laboratory, and DARPA.

Mr. Bennett spent 2 years conducting oceanographic research onboard ships, working for the Marine Division of Schlumberger, Inc., in the West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico. His work has included extensive international collaborations with Europe, Latin America, North America, Australasia, Japan, and the West Indies.

Mr. Bennett has worked in and founded numerous companies and has decades of experience developing advanced technologies, building technology portfolios valued at over $200M USD.

Douglas Bennett received a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech. He also holds a Master’s in English, Creative Writing from Iowa State University, and a second Master’s in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies – concentrating on Astrophysics, English, and Political Science. He is a designated outstanding alumni from Iowa State.