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Mark Maxwell

Captain Mark Maxwell retired from the US Navy in 2016 as the military lead for Advanced Manufacturing technology for the Naval Air Command. Capt. Maxwell worked for over 25 years in the maintenance and sustainment of US Navy aircraft. He also worked as a Quality Engineering Manager and Lean SixSigma Blackbelt. He holds certifications as a DAWIA Level III Program Manager, ASQC Quality Engineer, Technician and Auditor, ISO-9000 Auditor, LEAN Bronze (ASME), and several space application soldering standards (NHB5300 and J-STD-001). During his career span, Mark continued his commitment as a Naval Reservist as an Aviation Maintenance Officer. As a Reservist he managed Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot level maintenance providers for H-2, H-3, P-3, and GIV Gulfstream aircraft and then transitioned to NAVAIR as an Acquisition Program Manager and Military Director for Additive Manufacturing & Digital Thread.