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Robert (Robb) Pinkerton

robb pinkerton

Throughout his career, Robb Pinkerton has held leadership positions with Northrup Grumman (NGC), Orbital Sciences ATK, Lockheed Martin, and Motorola, and served as Chief Engineer on the NASA Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, LandSat 8, and Iridium NEXT programs. Robb was also Lead Power Systems Engineer on the International Space Station, and others including Magellan, a satellite that made a topographical map of Venus. Robb served on the AIAA Space Power Technical Committee for over ten years, in all positions of leadership. He alsoserved in all positions of leadership on the Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC) Committee.Robb has received numerous awards including the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal, multiple NASA Group Achievement Awards, as well as awards from General Dynamics, NGC, Boeing, and Motorola. He was one of three authors and the Lead Instructor for AIAA Space Power System Design Course, and he served on the National Research Council Thermionic Direct Energy Conversion Study,and the AIAA Mil STD 16400 Rewrite Committee.