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At AURA Technologies, we bring a new way of thinking to advanced technology R&D. Using the highest caliber talent and the latest advancements in computer science, we are actively innovating to make the world a better place through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Science, Physics, and Engineering combined with the latest emerging technologies.

From our cutting-edge solutions created for the Department of Defense to our revolutionary products designed in response to COVID, we develop solutions that keep our people safe. Our leadership team and project leads are focused on identifying the emergent technology that best addresses our clients’ needs. We then build solutions that forge new ground – created by teams of highly experienced people who are known and respected throughout their fields of expertise.

smart thread
Smart Thread Connected


SmartThread™ is AURA’s answer to the challenge of creating a Digital Thread for the US Government that allows for files to be printed in any location, on any additive manufacturing machine, in a trusted, secure manner.

AURA has pioneered innovations in several key areas to include an intelligent AI geometric part search modality, a TrustedAM™ endpoint that allows any additive machine to connect to secure DoD networks, and the intellectual property rights management to give vendors the assurance their files are being used appropriately. AURA has spent years working through the complexities of this challenge space to arrive at elegant solutions that will revolutionize the speed of design innovation and parts availability for the US government.

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