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AURA advanced technology

AURA’s Advancements In Technology Development

Harnessing Rapidly Changing Technologies For Defense & Beyond

As the second-fastest growing defense-focused advanced technology, research, and development company in the United States, we’ve had opportunities to design game-changing innovations for all major branches of the US Department of Defense (DoD). Our breadth spans across many areas, allowing us to develop cutting-edge products for advanced manufacturing, the digital thread, advanced intelligent power systems, unconventional tactical lighting, revolutionary satellite manufacturing techniques, and a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for DoD and commercial implementation.

Currently, AURA is the US Army lead for AI-based intelligent tactical power, and the only company to be awarded funding to develop a true, secure Digital Thread that connects part designers to defense end-users to print parts on demand.

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Artifical Intelligence Solutions

Our AI work centers around predictive analytics, deep learning, and data-augmented decision-making. Training our algorithms with large historical data sets allows AURA’s AI solutions to support both long-term strategic decisions and urgent tactical responses while offering clients the best possible user experience.

The innovative AI algorithms being built by AURA will allow crucial decisions to be guided by data. Our focus on AI is geared towards increasing the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of human-in-the-loop intelligence, not replacing human intelligence.


Intelligent Power Solutions

American households face approximately $150 billion in power outage-related expenses each year. For businesses and military branches, this number skyrockets from there. AURA is creating the smart power grid technology of the future which will dramatically reduce power outages while increasing the reliability of microgrids in any environment.



Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Across the DoD and within third-party providers, Technical Data Packages (TDPs) are managed in a wide array of formats across literally thousands of independent data repositories. Unlike other competing products, ours does not need proprietary TDPs to be stored in a single, central repository. Instead, it acts as a mediator between these many independent repositories, tying data together in a SmartThread™.




TrustedDM is a hardware security solution that introduces an isolation barrier between your trusted network and untrusted machine tools The trusted endpoint provides bi-directional isolation barrier.

1. From the network to the machine
2. From the machine to the network