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Quantum Computing Innovation Center™

Preparing The Defense And Commercial Sector For The Next Computing Innovation Wave

AURA Technologies has launched the Quantum Computing Innovation Center ™ to prepare US industry for the emergence of Quantum Computers in the coming years. AURA is in a unique position of having deep expertise in quantum mechanics, advanced computing, and AI/ML. These are the unique skills required to fully prepare industry for the broad use of Quantum Computers.

The role AURA is playing in this critical space is in the software implementation for advanced computing systems, such as those being created by IBM. Programming Quantum Computers is difficult and requires PhD level expertise in advanced technology fields. With our expertise in quantum mechanics, large scale advanced computing and applied expertise in AI/ML, AURA is serving as a bridge between traditional business and defense applications so make use of Quantum Computing capabilities. AURA is an applied research company – meaning we focus on fielding and transitioning advanced technology to make a positive difference in society. This is often a core missing piece in the transition from basic research to real-world application.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is an enabling technology that, in the near term, will tap into the capabilities of an extreme, advanced computing capability of Quantum Computers. Having a focus in applied AI allows AURA to easily transition the capabilities into classical AI applications.